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My work with new writing at the development phase includes dramaturgy, script development workshops, and working on script-in-hand performances. 


A rehearsed reading of a new play by writer Nicola Jones, supported by the Arts Council, was part of BOLDtext Playwrights ‘Doubled Up’ show at The Door at Birmingham Rep in 2015. The project involved a workshop with actors and dramaturgy on the script; followed a second workshop, and a rehearsed reading. 


A performance of 4 new short plays by West Midlands collective BOLDtext Playwrights in Autumn 2017 asked who we can now trust for our news and information? Rehearsed over a day, this script-in-hand performance took place in front of a full house at The Door at Birmingham Rep.

Scripts by: Liz John, Nicola Jones, Tim Stimpson and Julia Wright.

Cast:Miriam Edwards, Victoria Piper; Laurence Saunders.

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